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Leave your legacy of career experience for the next generation. Become a professional mentor. Currently, there are four (4) unique mentorship opportunities available for you. Become a:

1) LYFE FOUNDATION Live Conference Mentor, Sponsored by THE LYFE Foundation (A Non-Profit Organization)

Live Career Exploration Conference for Youth and Young Adults Ages 14 – 29! Come be a Mentor at one of our Day-Long Career Simulation Training’s. Don’t just tell the next generation what you do, SHOW THEM. This Hands-On, Career Exploration Training Day is always an Overwhelming Success, for both our Mentors, and our Youth and Young Adults!

2) CHALLENGE LYFE Online Video Mentor

Provide your long-lasting professional legacy in a video format for youth and young adults all over the world. Tell the next generation how Great it is to be You, and how to navigate the terrain of your Career Field Successfully, all in one video. Your Legacy and Career Expertise will Live Forever!


Host a live webinar with us in the comfort of your own home. We make Mentorship Easy! Just take the rollers out of your hair, prop your feet up, and we’ll bring the youth and young adults to you! During these Live Sessions we talk about current events and the necessary steps to success in your current profession. The Next President, Billionaire or Stars are waiting for you to share your Education, Knowledge and Wisdom!

4) BLOG/VLOG Mentor

Leave your professional legacy in written or short video form by sharing current topics in your vocational field. The quick easy to digest editorials will speak directly to what’s going on in our Youth and Young adults’ lives and help them navigate the waters of their lives!

Become A Mentor

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